Beauty Bits





Hi, how often would you suggest I soak my fingernails in Olive Oil? They keep flaking.
Regards, Liz

Liz, you should go to a beauty salon and have a paraffin wrap. Apparently the effect lasts for ages. Paraffin wraps also help ease arthritis pain.

How can I get my hair to look good while on a beach?
Regards, Ann

Ann, if your hair is short, comb it back and tuck it off your face behind your ears using pins. If your hair is longer sleek it back into a bun securing all the stray hairs away from your face

I am soon to be married but I can't find a hair style that suits me. I have grown my hair to shoulder length?
Regards, Tina

Tina, over the next week or two flick through some magazines and rip out anything that you think you may like. Next, book a consultation with a good hairdresser and ask for their professional advice. If you do opt for an up hair style it has the benefit of staying in place all day without you having to worry about it.

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