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Autumn 2005

"The Internet Magazine for the disAbled woman. The 'dis' is small, it's the Ability that Counts"

We have been delighted by your responses, keep the articles flowing. In this issue there are Beauty and Fashion, Crafts, Fiction, Garden and Home, Health issues, Hints and Tips, Junior Crew articles, life Feature articles, Poetry, Paintings and Recipes contribution from readers. Our links page increases each issue, and our Quiz becomes easier!

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Click here to connect to the UK disability ticker Here is a new facility. Click on the picture of international flags above, and you will be connected to a new site that gives up-to-the-minute information on disability issues. If you just want the UK page, click on the image of the world to the left.

Quarterly Quote

The New Disability Discrimination Act in the UK has been welcomed as a major piece of civil rights legislation. It includes new rights for disabled people using transport and better protection for mental health service users, people with HIV MS and cancer. It also contains new rights for disabled people wanting to adapt rented property.

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If you want to try out another edition of anAurora, click on the pull-down menu at the left of the page and make your selection. To move from one edition to another, please use this pull-down menu from now on.

We have the facility for you to read Text as many of us still use browsers which are not able to recognise pictures. The icon is at the top of each page. As yet we still have no sound but are working on this.

Please feel free to sign the guest book as well as continuing to send your emails and articles, your poetry and stories.

Last date for articles to go into the next issue is 1st November, 2005, email them to All articles will be available in back issues for a minimum of two years. Some issues since Spring 2000 have been withdrawn, but if you would like us to email you an electronic copy please email your request to The file is quite large, and you should be sure that your email provider will allow you to download a file of 3Megabytes in size.

The views expressed in this magazine by readers are personal and not necessarily those of anAurora, but she will not print any offensive material regarding ability, creed, race, religion or gender.

The contents of this Internet Magazine may be reproduced without seeking permission from anAurora, but please mention your source.

This is a free magazine, in that anAurora is not supported in any way by either charity funds or advertising, and she would like to keep it that way. But the Magazine will dry up after a short time unless you contribute your articles.

anAurora does not have a "Mission Statement" but her intention is to continue to develop, with your help, a magazine that women with any disAbility can contribute to and read with enjoyment.

Goodbye until December!

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